What our members are saying...

"You should join Commuter Fitness if you haven't already...you won't be just another interchangeable number like you would be at a chain. You will be supporting a local family owned business and have the opportunity to be a part of a tightly knit community who wants to see you achieve your fitness goals. The owner, John Anderson, is accessible, approachable, and he genuinely values his clientele; not just as a businessman, but as a friend. You will not get locked into contracts and the only obligation you have is to yourself to improve. There is a wide range of equipment available, weekly boot camp, and various types of classes and workshops for people of all ages and fitness levels. John loves when you give feedback also so if you have any ideas on how he can customize his business feel free to talk to him. Bring your friends!"

- Wilbur Linezanelli

"I don't know what's better, working out or having fun while doing it."

-Jon A.

"Commuter Fitness has all of the features I am looking for and need in a health club---convenient location, high quality equipment , great layout along with a laid--back type of atmosphere. Without a doubt-- a fantastic value!!!"

- Bob R.

"Love Commuter Fitness! Best place to workout........Really!"

- Jill

"I really had a fun time learning about fitness"

Learning about fitnessDear John and Ralph,

I really had a fun time learning about fitness and your membership reservations each month. Like when your muscle tears that means your body will heal itself to get more muscle! Also when you become a member there will be no hidden fees or contract! No catch either!



"Thank you Commuter Fitness."

Thank you picture for Commuter Fitness

Thank you Commuter Fitness. I enjoyed working with you. I also got a good workout! You guys are so fun! Thank you for letting me use the equipment, it was fun. I might visit you again.

Sincerely your friend,



"It was fun working out!"

Working out at Commuter Fitness

Dear John,

Thank you for letting us work at your business! It was fun working out! Now we're very sore. At least we had fun learning how to workout right. I hope you think of a catchy slogan. Next year make sure to them hard and make sure they had as much fun as us. We hope your business does awesome and hope to come workout soon.