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                                 OPEN SINCE January 13th 2005

          John and Cyndi Anderson

Our Supervisors consists of the

Anderson Family

 “All for One and One for ALL!”


Arlington Heights Fitness Family

John (Director of Commuter Fitness) grew up in Mount Prospect, attended St. Viator High School (Class of 1980), Harper College, and Elmhurst College. Played 2 seasons Semi-Pro Baseball, 8 seasons Semi-Pro Football, and 2 seasons with Team USA American Football. ISSA Personal Trainer since 1986 will assist you with the use of all the Cybex Fitness equipment. Teaching you the little things to help you get more out of each exercise, and how to get the most out of your workout.

Ralph (Main Consultant) works at the drop of hat when John needs go to a meeting or to spend some quality time with the Dogs.

Cyndi (Volunteer of the Month) is our Arc Trainer expert; she comes in to assist with the evening crowd control, and public relations, Saturday’s.

Mary Jo (Former Volunteer of the Month) bicyclist extraordinaire, occasional front desk and greeter, Sunday Mornings.

Tom (Former-Former Volunteer of the Month) worked the morning shift until 8:00 Am., he can put what ever you want to on the BIG SCREEN TV’s (Sports, News, or preferable Concerts).

Lisa McCord (The Mid-Day Replacements) Lisa teaches English as a second language and Author of “Flynn’s Boarding House”.